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How to start a solar panel or solar power business?

Sometimes we have money (but not business), so we think that which business should be done in such a way that there is profit and we keep thinking about people and keep searching on the internet.  Newspaper keeps looking for business, but still less people can get good business. Before starting new business, we are afraid that this business will run here or not, is there scope for it?  So much money in it  After investment, we keep thinking about whether there will be profit or not.

 That is why today I am going to tell you about a business whose future is coming ahead, which is a never ending business and you can start this business by applying 1 lakh to 5 lakh rupees.  And you can further increase your business by putting more money in it.  Yes, I am talking about the solar energy business.

 This business is new and there is no competition in it, you can do this business by taking advantage of this thing. Now if you freeze in this field, then this business will give you a lot of profit.  Which you cannot even think.  Solar energy is the energy that we get from the sun, when the sun's rays fall on the solar panel, then the solar panel turns this light energy into electrical energy.  Which we store in our battery.

 Demand for solar energy in cities has started to jump.  People are troubled by electricity bills and frequent cut-offs and want to install solar systems in their homes.  There is no electricity in the villages for weeks.  Therefore, there is no harm in the business of solar energy today.  The higher the costs incurred in this business, the higher the profit.  It can be started at a small cost.  This business can earn anywhere from thirty thousand to one lakh rupees.  Its solar panels do not deteriorate for 25 years.

 The company offers 25 years of solar panels.  The business of solar energy runs rapidly from March to October.  Solar water heaters can be sold in winter season.  In this business, the demand for solar panel, solar battery, solar inverter, solar charge controller, solar lantern, solar DC fan, copper coil, DC lights, DC mobile charger, solar mobile charger etc. is increasing.  Today, solar energy has started working everywhere at home, hospital, bank, school, office, petrol pump etc.

 In view of the demand and supply of solar energy, one thing is becoming clear that it is going to be the most profitable business in the future.  Constant new technologies are also coming in this field.  Karnataka Government has put out bids for solar power project.  Solar power projects above 3 MW are to be installed under this bid.  About 500 MW is to be installed through bids in the next twenty to twenty five years.  Similarly, Rewa of Madhya Pradesh is now going to give direct hit to America.

 It is preparing to set up the world's largest and country's first ultra mega solar power plant.  Its cost will be around 4 thousand crores.  The plant will generate 700 MW of power.  It is estimated that the cost of electricity generated from this will be 5 rupees 40 paise per unit, which will be the lowest in the country.  It will be ready in three years.  In future, this ultra mega solar power plant is also planned to be set up in Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Jammu and Kashmir.  MP has lost the stake in starting the project because the state government has reserved land for this proposed solar power plant.

 As far as the future of business in the Tire energy sector is concerned, our country has immense potential in things like solar energy plates, batteries, installations, equipment, research.  Many small businesses have also stepped up in terms of business as it is beneficial to set up from shop to unit according to the demand.  The shortage of electricity and dependence on alternative energy for smart business is going to increase in the coming days.  The WTO has set a target of generating 20,000 MW of solar power by 2022.

 In such a situation, apart from the government's goal, to meet the needs of the family, the solar energy business is bringing huge possibilities and opportunities.  Solar energy has been linked to three components.  First large grid, second small grid, and third off grid.  Among these, the second and third Ministry of New Renewable Energy is leaving the work.  More work is being done on large grids right now.  In the coming time, there is scope for more work on the off grid.  Actually, a major goal is to achieve under the Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission.  Which is not possible without large investment and equipment.  It is estimated that by 2040, five percent of the world's total energy consumption is expected to be met by solar energy alone.

 Opportunities in solar power generation are increasing.  Therefore, many businesses are making a solar energy inverter.  The charging capacity of these inverter is high.  There is a huge demand from the telecom sector, as solar generator sets cost less than diesel generator sets.  Solar energy is not an option but is now a strategic imperative, so there is a lot of scope for expansion in this business.  This business is beneficial for SMEs as the cost of solar power generation has come down in the last few years.  Four years ago, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission fixed the tariff of solar energy at Rs 17.91 per unit and now it has come down to one-third.

 SMEs can make modules, solar cells, cables and small electronic parts.  There is a potential of 2050 315.7 GW of solar and wind energy in the desert areas of our country.  It will require an investment of about Rs 43,74,550.  The government is considering fulfilling this need in the desert areas of the country.  With this, solar energy related businesses

 Due to increasing pollution, our glaciers are melting, due to which the sea level is constantly rising, which can lead to very big problems for us.  And it is believed that coal reserves are slowly getting depleted and after a short time it will also be finished.  In such a situation, it would be appropriate to use solar power for power conservation.

 Solar power is a free source of obtaining electricity.  Nowadays people are either troubled by rising electricity bills or by frequent cutoff of power, in such a way, we can get rid of the hassle of electricity by using solar power and installing solar power system.  India has become the largest market for solar after Germany and China (China). Some time back 1 or 2 companies (solar) and solar equipment.  (solar gadgets), but today, hundreds of companies make solar panel and solar gadgets.

 How to start a solar panel or solar power business?

 By becoming a solar panel distributor or solar dealer

 You can start a solar business by becoming a distributor or dealer of any good company such as luminous, tata, microtek, waaree, su-kam etc. Famous companies (famous companies) Solar panels and  Solar gadgets are made by talking to which you can start working at the distributor or dealer level of your area. Solar energy is a business that you can start and operate anywhere in your village or city.  Because the mess of electricity is everywhere, either there is no electricity or somewhere.  C electricity are growing upset with Bill.  You can also sell and sell with local companies solar panels, you will find local solar panels at Chandni Chowk (chandani chowk) in Delhi where there is a very big market of local solar panel.

 What is sold in solar power / solar panel business?

 In today's time, hundreds of solar energy appliances are available (available) in the market. Now you cannot sell all of them. But see below about some important items that you will have to keep.

 1. Solar panel
 2. Batteries
 3.Solar Charge Controller
 4.Solar Inverter
 5.DC light, fan, mobile charger etc.
 6. Copper wire
 7.Solar Power System
 8. Other Solar Equipment

 1. Solar panel

 If you do business of solar energy, then you must keep solar panels. If you work on the distributor level of a company, then you will have to invest at least Rs 15 to 20 lakh and if you become the first dealer.  If you want to start working, then you have to spend from 1 lakh to 5 lakh rupees.  Companies make 5 watt solar panels ranging from 5 watt solar panels to 500 watt solar panels. The most demand is 50 watt, 100 watt, 150 watt, 250watt solar panel.  So everyone will have to keep it.  The rest if you want to keep the local solar panels of the local company, then you can sell them by bringing 10 watt, 15 watt, 35 watt, 50 watt, and 100 watt.  is.

 2. Solar batteries

 Now if you sell solar panels then the customer (customers) will not buy the battery from you, otherwise how will he be able to work from the solar panel at night, so he will also charge the battery from the solar panel during the day so that he will fan the battery at night.  , Light, etc. to run gadgets.  Therefore you will have to keep all types of batteries as well.  Batteries are also of two types, one is normal batteries in the market and one is solar batteries. Yes, solar batteries have also come in the market which are well charged with solar panel and their life too.  There are normal batteries. By the way you can charge any type of battery from the solar panel.

 The solar panel on any battery seems to be based on the capacity of the battery, as the battery in the inverter in the house is 12 volts 150 ah, to charge this battery with solar power, you need three hundred watts of solar  A panel (300 watt solar panel) is required. You will start working and you will all know that you can ask me for the rest of the problem.  You must keep Batteries of 20 ah, 40 ah, and 60 ah, 75 ah, 100 ah, 150 ah because they are in high demand.

3.Solar charge controller

 I have written in detail about solar charge controller in my previous post, you can read it.  You must also keep the solar charge controller, the task of solar charge controller is to charge the battery from the solar panel. You can charge the battery directly from the solar panel, but this can damage the battery quickly.  (damage), but when charged by the solar charge controller, the battery is charged at the same voltage, which increases the life of the battery.  Solar charge controllers come in 5 amperes (amp), 10 amp, 20 amp, 40 amp, 60 amp, etc. Most of the 5, 10 and 20 amp solar charge controllers (solar charge controller) are demanding more.  The controller must also be sold.

 4. Solar inverter

 So far you must have used normal inverter but now solar inverter has come. This is a new technology in which both solar charge controller and Grid charger are engaged in the same inverter which we solar  Solar inverter is called. Solar inverter is used where people want to charge their batteries both from Grid electricity and solar power. In detail about solar inverter I have  in the post  It is written that you can know about it in detail.  Solar inverter helps to reduce your electricity bill to a great extent.  There is a lot of demand in the market.  You can sell a single battery, double battery or more battery solar inverter in your solar business.

 #. Solar power system

 Solar power systems are installed in three ways, such as DC solar power system, off-grid solar power system, on-grid solar power  On-grid solar power system. Most off-grid solar power system has high demand. Off-grid solar power system has three main parts panel, inverter, battery. Nowadays  Off-grid solar power systems are installing more than 1kw to 10kw. 1kw off-grid solar power system looks good in 70 thousand

 In which 25 years warranty is given for solar panel and 5 years warranty for solar battery. Battery runs 10 years, inverter gets 2 years warranty. So you can get solar energy (solar)  The more solar power installed you can earn by starting the business of energy). By installing the solar power system, there is no bill of electricity.  ) Gets rid of.

 5. Other Solar gadgeys

 As I told you above, if you do business of solar energy, then you must keep solar panel, solar battery, and solar inverter.  With this, you have to keep DC gadgets also means that the devices running directly from the battery or solar panel (gadgets) because the solar panel and the battery remove the DC current, so you can run the DC device directly from them, not the AC device.  To run AC gadgets, you have to add a DC-AC converter or inverter to the battery or solar panel, then this converter or inverter will run all the AC devices in your home by converting DC current to AC current.

 By the way, many good solar DC gadgets have also come in the market which run directly from your solar panel or solar battery, such as rooftop solar solar DC fan, DC LIGHTS, DC TABLE FAN, DC  led BULB, DC ROOF LIGHTD, DC FLOOD LIGHT, DC GARDEN LIGHTS etc. You can run all these SOLAR equipment from direct SOLAR PANEL without battery and without inverter.  If you start BUSINESS of SOLAR POWER then you will get all solar panels, solar battery, solar inverter, solar charge controller, solar laltern, solar dc fan, copper wire, dc lights ,, dc mobile charger, solar mobile charger  ), Etc. Large and small appliances will also have to be kept.

Solar panels / solar panel business season

 The business of solar energy runs for 12 months because solar panels work with sun lights rather than heat. But the solar panel work in India from 9 months to March (November) is good.  Because in these 9 months, solar panel gets good 10 hours of good sunlight from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening, so they can generate more power.  In the winter (winters days) we get only 4 to 5 hours of good sunlight. But in winters  The load is reduced.  In the winter season you can sell solar water heaters which come in 100 liters (ltr), 200 (ltr), 500 (ltr) etc. And now the winters are also just 2 months.  The business of solar power is always out in India.

 The more investment you put in this business, the more you will be able to reap the profits.  You can start this business from both the small level and the big level.  You can start this business with 1 lakh rupees, as soon as you get an order, then you keep putting your costs in it.  You can earn at least from Rs 50000 to Rs 100000 from this business, the rest earning depends on your investment and sell.

 Profit and Loss in Solar Energy / Solar Panel Business

 See, in this business you do not have any loss and like in business, it is neither a balmy thing to be damaged nor a fashioned out. Yes, your solar panel (  Solar panel) do not spoil for 25 years. The company gives 25 years warranty of solar panel. Solar power system is in great demand in cities. People are increasing electricity bill  And again and again people are worried about the cut off, want to install solar power system in their homes.  Sector .and village in the countryside electricity several weeks (week) does not do a lot show business) Solar energy (solar energy) for a place.  If you have any question to ask me, you can ask me from the comment box.
 Thank you

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